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Online casinos often offer a very large selection of different types of slot machines that you can plat.  These slots vary from simple retro slots to advanced video slots with interactive bonus games. All in all, there are several thousand different slots that you can play online.  There is no online casino that offers all online slots.   Each casino cooperates with one or several game developers and offers a selection of the slots these game developers have developed.  Some casinos like to be able to offer as many slots as possible. Other casinos prefer to curate the slots they offer and only offer the very best slots in their casino.  Both approaches have their benefits.  A casino that offers as many slots as possible give you the highest number of slots to chose from while a casino that curates their slots offer you fewer choice but you can feel certain that all the slots are good.  You will never sit down to play a bad slot.

There are several online casinos that offer more than a thousand slots.  Many of these slots can be played on the mobile. Not all slots can be played on the mobile. The slots that are unavailable in your mobile is usually older slots that were developed before mobile gaming became as widespread as it is now.

Examples of good online casinos that offer a good selection of online slots.

Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas is a casino that focuses primarily on mobile gaming but they also offer a very good regular online casino.  They offer generous bonuses and regular campaigns that reward their gamblers.  The casino is very well managed and they offer one of the best customer services in the business. Leo Vegas makes it very easy to deposit and withdraw money.  They cooperate with a number of different game developers to be able to offer many of the best slots on the market.


Casumo is an interesting casino that strives to make the casino experience a unique experience.  To do this they try to turn the entire casino into one large game, a casino adventure.  They do this by giving you an avatar that you can level up by playing a lot and by featuring a lot of achievements and hidden treasure. You find the treasures by trying different games and exploring different parts of the casino.  The treasures can contain bonuses, free spins, and other perks.   You earn achievements by playing different games. This is a good way to motivate their customers to try new games.  The casino offers a small selection of heavily curated games to make sure that you never have to play a bad game.

Casumo casino offers a large selection of different bonuses that you can choose from.  Anyone can find a bonus that suits them.  Casumo is one of the best casinos on the market. This is true regardless of whether you want to play on your desktop or in your mobile.

Casino Bonuses

Many casinos offer you a bonus when you first register with them.  Some casinos give you a bonus just for signing up, this is called a no deposit bonus but most casinos require you to make a deposit before you get a bonus.  The bonus you get when you make your first deposit is usually referred to as a welcome bonus.  The size of the welcome bonus can vary greatly between different casino. The size of the bonus you get is often dependant on how much money you deposit.  The more money you deposit the bigger bonus you get.  It is common that he welcome bonus is defined as a percentage.

Example:  A casino gives you a welcome bonus of 200% up to $600.  The maximum bonus you can get is $600 and you have to deposit $300 to get the bonus.  200% of $300 is $600.  If you deposit $300 you get $600 as a bonus and end up with $900 in your account.

Your money is usually locked in your casino account until you have received a bonus wagering requirement.  Do not accept any bonus if you want to remain free to withdraw your money at any time.  The wagering requirement can vary a lot in size between different casinos.  Always read the fine print to learn more about the wagering requirement before you accept a bonus.  It can sometimes be very hard to fulfill the wagering requirement. Learn more about wagering requirements.

Online Jackpots

Some online slots feature progressive jackpots that allow you to win huge amounts of money.   Jackpots worth more than one million is commonplace and people have won more than 15 million on a single spin in online slots.  How much you win when you hit a progressive jackpot depends on how popular the slot in question is and how long it has been since someone won the jackpot.  The jackpot keeps building until someone wins it. A popular slot will have more people playing it and the jackpot will, therefore, grow quicker.  Some jackpots are fed by more than one slot.  Examples of this are the Mega Moolah Mega jackpot and the DC superhero jackpot.  Both these jackpots are fed by a number of different slots that all give you the chance to win the jackpot.

Many progressive jackpots are shared among all online casinos that offer that slots but it is also common that each casino fed their own jackpot.  It is usually only the large jackpot that is shared in between all casinos.  Smaller jackpots are usually casino specific.  Progressive jackpots that are casino specific can vary in size a lot between the different casinos and if you enjoy playing a slot that features a casino-specific progressive jackpot then you should always play that game in the casino that offers the biggest jackpot at that point in time.

Examples of popular jackpot slots that have huge progressive jackpots include Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune,  Divine fortune,  Icy wonders, Hall of gods and many others.

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